GDPR Terms

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The content in this area should be added and maintained by your Selima HR System Administrator. Selima HR System Administrators will need to log in to Selima HR and navigate to the "Jobs Website" menu.This is often found within a "Recruitment" menu group, or if not already enabled, will need to be added in to the Menu Structure (Settings > Menu Structures). Within the Jobs Website admin screen, select the "Pages and Links" tab and then click 'Edit'. Once you have selected the GDPR page, you will be able to edit this text and provide your own terms along with any links you feel are required. This exercise should be completed as soon as is possible and the specific content should be unique to your business and its processes.

Note that following the GDPR legislation, when Applicants register for a new account they will need to confirm that they have read and understood the separate GDPR terms and conditions.Failure to tick this box will prevent the applicant from registering, just as with the "I am eligible to work in the UK" and "I agree to the standard terms and conditions" tick boxes. Any applicant that has already registered will not need to agree to the additional GDPR terms.